How do I enter the NSPA?

The first thing you have to do is request your schools account on our website. Once this is done you can then begin to upload your students entries on our website. Please read all the Rules of Entry before uploading your entries.

What is the Entry Period?

The deadline for entries is Midnight Friday 25th January 2019.

Who can enter?

Anyone who is studying at Primary level in the republic of Ireland can enter The National School Photography Awards.

Why won’t my photo upload?

Make sure your photograph meets the following entry requirements:

1. JPG or JPEG file format
2. A minimum accepted image resolution size of 300dpi
3. Minimum file size of 1Mb and a maximum file size of 9Mb

If a problem still persists please contact us so we can solve the problem and verify your entry.

How many photos may I submit?

One photo per entrant is allowed. Therefore each school can submit one photo per student.

How does the judging process work?

The judging process is carried out by a panel of experts in the field. It consists of two rounds for each category (Juniors & Seniors). In round one, each judge will select entries in each category to include in their finalists list. In round two all finalists will be passed to the head judge to select the category winners and overall winner. All finalist and winning schools will be notified by email and all prizes and certificates will be posted directly to your school.

When will I know if I’ve been successful?

All schools who have entries that are successful in making it into the final will be notified by email by early March 2019. All finalist and winning schools will be notified by email and all prizes and certificates will be posted directly to your school.

Do I have to complete a Parent Consent Form for every student who enters work from my school?

No. You only have to complete a Parent Consent Form for any person 18 years or younger who appears in a photograph you plan on entering into INSPA. The Parent Consent Form must be completed online via our website.

Do all photos have to be taken in school or during school time?

No. Not all photos have to be taken in the school. For example the project could be given as part of homework or a little project over the Christmas holidays. However INSPA would encourage the school / teachers involved to have a discussion with their class about the theme and help them develop their own ideas. May be show them examples of some photographs or how to take a photograph with a camera, iPad or phone etc. All photos must be uploaded via your school account and overseen by the teacher / school representative.

Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020

You can take a look at the departments national, digital strategy for schools 2015-2020 here which aims to enhance teaching, learning and assessment. The publication of the Digital Strategy for Schools is the first step in an exciting and ambitious programme which will further embed technology and digital learning tools in primary and post-primary schools.

Entering INSPA is a very simple way for your school to further embed digital technology within your school and set yourself up in the right direction over the course of this plan.