How it works.


The positive school photography experience!

We provide Ireland’s only not-for-profit photography service, meaning reduced prices and increased benefits. A win win!

  • 20% Commission on all sales go back to your school

    and a further

  • 10% gets donated to the INSPA Charity Theme Partner for the awards

    and finally

  • 70% goes directly back into the running costs of the awards (our annual children’s photography competition)


Your #INSPAsmiles Day is a creative way of including your students/families in a fundraising event for both your school and an inspiring Irish charity each year.

Throughout the school year, we work with a ‘Charity Theme Partner’ who sets out the theme for our annual awards. This allows for your school community to creatively engage with digital technologies and the creative process while learning about an important aspect of the charities work. Alongside this, you have the opportunity of winning numerous prizes for principals, teachers, students and their families.

If you missed the deadline for entries into our awards, you can still host an #INSPAsmiles Day at your school by contacting us below.


How does the day work?

No cost or administration for your school and no collecting orders, holding money or sorting through photographs when returned to your school.


The steps

  1. Once you place your booking date with us, we send out Parent/Guardian consent forms to each family in your school (2 weeks prior to photo day)

  2. Our photographers arrive on the day with our top of the range, professional INSPA studio and take the photos on both a family and individual basis as required. We also take staff, full school, class and sports group photographs were required.

  3. We then return our proof photo forms to all families who participated. This allows Parents/Guardians to see their photographs before choosing to purchase.

  4. After this we work directly with Parents/Guardians in completing their orders. All orders are processed online via our dedicated Print Lab.