‘Making Memories’ in association with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Deadline for Entries: Midnight Friday 19th January 2018

Making Memories

Introducing photography into the classroom is a fantastic way to creatively boost the confidence of your students, stimulate conversation and make memories that can be cherished for generations to come. Photographs document a moment in time and are an extremely useful tool when stimulating memories, friendship and times gone by. Photography is an art form and is a creative way to learn about colour, texture, composition and storytelling. This year’s theme is titled ‘Making Memories’ and is run in association with the Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

'Making Memories' challenges teachers and their students in primary level education to utilise the medium of photography to stimulate discussion around the theme of memory / memories. These can be happy, sad, new or even forgotten ones. Primary school-days are often the foundation of memories for people as generations go by. It’s a time of fun, friendships and new experiences. 'Making Memories' asks for you to integrate the camera into the school-day and encourage your students to show us their experiences from their point of view.

To help you integrate the camera into the classroom and generate discussion around the theme, you can visit the tips section of our website, visit the Alzheimer Society of Ireland website or connect with your local ASI Day Care Centre. The Alzheimer Society of Ireland (ASI) is the national leader in advocating for and providing dementia-specific supports and services. Each year the organisation provides more than one million hours of community-based dementia-specific care throughout Ireland. They also operate the Alzheimer National Helpline: 1800 341 341.

In whatever way you decide to respond to this year's theme, be creative, take lots of photos and most importantly have some fun. We at INSPA look forward to seeing all of your schools entries.