in association with LauraLynn Ireland's Children's Hospice

Deadline for Entries:
Midnight Friday 25th January 2019

INSPA are delighted to announce LauraLynn as our 2018/19 Charity Theme Partner. LauraLynn, Ireland’s Children’s Hospice is the only children’s hospice in the Republic of Ireland, providing palliative care to children with life-limiting conditions and their families from the point of diagnosis to end of life and throughout bereavement. They foster a supportive environment for both the parent and child allowing patients to be children and parents to be parents rather than full-time carers. This holistic approach to care makes the most out of short and precious moments for the whole family.

Working with the above in mind, this years’ theme ‘CONNECTIONS’ is looking for students and teachers in primary level education to once again get creative and integrate the camera into your school day. We are specifically looking for fun images of things that have a connection with one another. These could be classroom objects, people or things. For example (pen and paper, socks and shoes, black and white, rough and smooth or parent and child).

We believe that introducing photography into the classroom is a fantastic way to creatively boost the confidence of your students and expand their ways of exploring, expressing and coming to terms with the world they inhabit in a structured and enjoyable way. Photography is an art form and is a creative way to learn about colour and texture, shape and form, composition, visual and emotional relationships.

Both INSPA and LauraLynn ask for you to encourage your students to explore your classrooms, corridors and schoolyards seeking out these new found or old ‘connections’. Most importantly, let the children lead the way and show us their experiences from their point of view. To help you integrate the camera into the classroom and generate discussion around the theme, a good start is to look at our sample theme photo's above and begin a little conversation in your classroom. You can also visit the tips section of our website and visit

In whatever way you choose to respond to this year's theme, be creative, take lots of photos and most importantly have some fun. Both INSPA and LauraLynn look forward to seeing all of your schools entries.

Some LauraLynn Stats

1. Over 3,800 children with a life-limiting condition are living in Ireland today, with close to 700 needing the specialised care provided by LauraLynn

2. Since opening in 2011, LauraLynn has cared for more than 342 children and their families.

3. It costs €5 million to keep LauraLynn’s Children’s Hospice open, €4.2million of which must be generated each year through fundraised income.

For further details on LauraLynn, please visit: