Fun, Fun, Fun!

The main objective of introducing photography and digital media into the classroom is fun, fun, fun. Digital photography can be used to enhance many projects you would normally be teaching in the classroom, increase confidence and generate discussion. Remember to let children lead the way, experience the environment around them and show their point of view.

Before you start!

Check the theme for the Photography Awards. Every year the awards will be guided by a specific theme in which we ask your students to respond. A good idea for this is to start a discussion in the classroom around the theme, share ideas and show the children some examples of photography that might fit the theme. To help you explore this further you can visit The Alzheimer Society of Ireland website or connect with your local ASI Day Care Centre.

Teaching the basics!

Whether you decide to use a camera, mobile phone or tablet spend some time showing the children how to hold the device safely. At this stage it may also be useful to explain some of the very basics of photography or what makes a good photograph. For example, hold the camera straight and be aware of your background and surroundings.

Let the children lead the way!

Children see the world in weird and wonderful ways, so let them lead the way and show us their point of view. Let them take lots and lots of photographs, have fun and interpret the theme in their own unique way.

Choosing the photographs!

While the school representative / teacher will be overseeing the submission process, it is important to include the children in the decision making when it comes to which image they would like to submit. This can become both a fun and educational process: looking back through all the children's photographs and hearing their point of view. Be encouraging and if they are struggling, give them a little helping hand.

Digital Strategy for Schools 2015-2020

You can take a look at the departments national, digital strategy for schools 2015-2020 here which aims to enhance teaching, learning and assessment. The publication of the Digital Strategy for Schools is the first step in an exciting and ambitious programme which will further embed technology and digital learning tools in primary and post-primary schools.

Entering INSPA is a very simple way for your school to further embed digital technology within your school and set yourself up in the right direction over the course of this plan.