Second Life

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Deadline for Entries: 
Midnight Tuesday 21st January 2020

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly”

INSPA are delighted to announce ReCreate as our 2019/20 Charity Theme Partner. ReCreate is a thriving social enterprise with a vision to inspire curiosity, creativity and care for the environment. Over the past 5 years, ReCreate has had a direct impact on tens of thousands of people nationwide by giving them access to quality creative material and nurturing their inner creativity through the promotion of creative reuse.

Working with the above in mind, this years’ theme ‘Second Life’ is looking for students and teachers in primary level education, to once again, get creative and integrate the camera into your school day. We are specifically looking for fun images that focus on the wonders of waste while utilising the creative techniques of photography (See Lesson Plans) to transform spaces/places or give a new lease of life to familiar objects/things?

We believe that introducing photography into the classroom is a fantastic way to creatively boost the confidence of your students and expand their ways of exploring, expressing and coming to terms with the world they inhabit in a structured and enjoyable way. Photography is an art form and is an innovative way to learn about colour and texture, shape and form, composition, vantage points, environmental and emotional relationships. It can help students to actively engage with their surrounding environment, giving them a platform to communicate their unique points of view.

INSPA and ReCreate ask for you to encourage your students to explore your classrooms, corridors and schoolyards. Utilising the techniques of photography (Vantage Points, Colour, Leading Lines, Texture, Pattern, Composition and Framing) create innovative images which question notions of waste, reuse and the environment. Most importantly, let the children lead the way and show us their creations from their point of view.

To help you integrate the camera into the classroom and generate discussion around the theme, a good start is to look at our sample theme photo's below, visit our tips section and then begin a little conversation in your classroom. Once you login to your school account, you can also visit our lesson plans on teaching the basics of photography to children.

In whatever way you choose to respond to this year's theme, be creative, take lots of photos and most importantly have some fun. Both INSPA and ReCreate look forward to seeing all your schools’ entries.